Chakra Dance Meditation | Aanmelden noodzakelijk


Wajid Team - Joëlle Bogaert
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Music & vocals by Ravi.

De Chakra Dansmeditatie duurt een uur. Je hoort vanzelf aan de wisseling van de muziek wanneer de ene fase in de andere overgaat. Je levensenergie vieren door dansend je chakrasysteem te openen, gevolgd door een stille fase van liggen in rust, ontspanning en just watching.

A meditation using dance and stillness, designed to transport you into ecstasy. Each dance track is inspired by the qualities of one of the seven chakras, supporting the dancer to experience each chakra by turns in an ecstatic 40 minute celebration. This is followed by a 20 minute phase of silent meditation.

First Stage

  • 40 minutes
  • Dance the quality of each chakra in turn, as indicated by the music and voice guidance at the beginning of each track.
  • Begin with the sex centre and end with the crown of the head.
  • Begin at the first chakra.
  • Let the whole body be possessed by the qualities of the first chakra. Allow the body to express those energies through spontaneous dancing.
  • When the music changes, move your focus to the second chakra and let those qualities expand as you dance it, discovering what it is for you personally to be overtaken by the energy of the second chakra.
  • Repeat for each chakra in turn, ending with the crown chakra.
  • At the beginning of each new track of music there will be an indication of which chakra you are moving into.

Second Stage

  • 20 minuten
  • Lie down with eyes closed, simply witnessing your body, your mind and your emotions as a detached observer.
  • You may become aware of all seven chakra's vibrating simultaneously.
  • At the end of 20 minutes silence there are 3 gongs to indicate that the meditation is complete.