Essence work

Essence is the very fabric of our Soul. It is the invisible and immaterial substance that our Soul is made of. It is the quintessence of our Being. Our deepest pain comes from the difficulty we have in experiencing Essence and witnessing its presence. This difficulty is due to the fact that we are cut off from our Essence and alienated from our true nature, our true Self, our Being. One could say that this is a paradoxical state of existence: we are it and yet we do not know it. We live with it, in it, as such, but we have no awareness of it. 

Essence is a compass in the way in which we work with people. We refer to Essence work as it is transmitted by Faisal Muqaddam who created the Diamond Logos Academy. Diamond refers to the Diamond Dimension, which gives us the capacity to look through all facets of reality, like the many facets of a diamond. It is the dimension of consciousness that allows us to perceive reality in an objective, clear and solid way so we can understand it. The Diamond is indestructible, as is the Diamond Consciousness that leads us to truth. It is not about acquiring knowledge, information or theories. In order for us to have a successful practice that will allow us to access our Essence once again, we need accurate theory that has a diamond-like direction in it. Logos refers to the content of the Diamond teachings, the expression of it and the intelligence of Essence that is the basis of these teachings, which describe human nature. 

If we are therapists, the understanding of Essence is very useful when working with people’s psychological structures. We can better understand the origin of our clients’ issues and help us understand how these issues affect them at each level. The expression of a psychological issue indicates that underneath, the Soul is seeking to regain touch with a lost aspect of herself. In this light, the issue becomes an opportunity to reconnect with our Essence. If we adopt this view as therapists, we are not reduced to becoming problem solvers. Rather, we become companions of the Soul of the person that we are accompanying along the healing journey, pathfinders in the land of Essence. This is the basis of being an Essential teacher and is part of the four year therapists education. 

As we move further into the Power of Light training, we move into working with Essence. The unfoldment of Essence, the Essential flow and blossoming of each individual are supported by personal processing in the field. This happens in individual sessions as well as in group retreats where the qualities of Essence are transmitted. 

For more information on the Essence work, please visit the Diamond Logos Academy Greece website.