Osho quotes

"Meditation is not a serious phenomenon.
It is a song, a dance, a celebration.

Don't take meditation religiously, take it playfully.

To take it religiously is to miss the whole point.
It is religion but don't take it religiously."

"Just meditate ..... Enjoy it intrinsically.

There is no need to look for any result.
Let it happen. Let the future come of its own accord.
Don't make a destination out of meditation ~
just simple direction will do.

Enjoy it.
Celebrate it.
Be festive about it."

while doing meditation never bother about the result.
It will come in its own time.

Enjoy meditation for its own sake,
don't be greedy about it,
don't project any ambition.

If one can do meditation not as a means,
but as an end unto itself,
then the miracle can happen immediately,
it can change your total being."

"Meditation is not a means to any end.

Love it, enjoy it and don't ask for any results.
Results come but don't ask for them,
then they come sooner.

Tremendous consequences are there,
consequences that will transform your whole life,
but you need not bother about them."

"We are so end-oriented
that we turn everything into a means.

This must be remembered:
meditation is the ultimate play,
it is not a means to something.

It is not a means to enlightenment.
Enlightenment happens in it,
but it is not a means to it.

It is not a means to ultimate freedom.
Ultimate freedom happens in it,
but it is not a means to it."

"You cannot use meditation as a cause to effect something.

This has been one of the most puzzling things ~
all through the centuries those who have known go on insisting on meditation for meditation 's sake.

Don't desire anything out of it,
enjoy it in itself, don't move out of it ~
and the consequence will be enlightenment.
Remember ~ consequence, not effect.

Meditation is not a cause,
but if you are deep in meditation,
enlightenment happens.
Really, being deep in the play is enlightenment."

"I am against all those escapists who escape from the world and become 24-hour-a-day meditators. I am against them, I am utterly against them.
One hour of meditation is enough.
Meditation is such a powerful thing that one hour out of 24 hours is enough.
It will illuminate your whole life.
And the test of whether your meditation is succeeding or not is in life.

When you meditate and you go to the shop you will know whether you are succeeding in your meditation or not.

Are you still as greedy in the shop as you used to be before? Do you still get angry when somebody says something against you? Can people still manage to push your buttons as easily as before?
In the marketplace is the test of all your meditations.

If you just do meditations and nothing else that is like preparing and preparing and never going to the examination. That is not right.

The test has to be there every day -
one hour meditation, twenty-three hours test.
And you will grow strong.

"And if one starts playfully,
a great song arises in the heart of its own accord,
you start feeling a dance arise in you
that you have never felt before.

For the first time you feel a new heartbeat,
a new wonder, a new awe."