Now, the discipline of Yoga


Veet Prayas Rein
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You will discover your inner witness

You will get a basic knowledge of your body

You will discover the difference between ordinary knowledge and the immediacy of knowing

You will cut through inner veils like judging yourself

You will learn to talk, touch and love your body

You will experience the joy of freedom from past and future

You will be touched by life forces as survival, social, eros, love, truth and their spiritual unity

You will learn the art of breathing

You will learn how to relax

You will meditate and you will play

You will touch the experience of presence

You will enter into the mystery of who you are, always have been, always will be, but simply forgot.

A multitude of inner touches, through the body and the soul will be guided in these classes. The sun and the moon, inviting, day and night, to discover and live. Our true nature as joyous sovereigns on planet earth.