Power of Light | Basic Training - part 3 / 6 days in Greece


Vedanta Aspioti

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This part of the training is on the Island of Thymaina.


In the third part of the training, we reach a deep experiential understanding of the defensive structures within the personality. We uncover the way in which our conditioning appears on a physical level, as powerful armoring which encases our body and keeps us imprisoned in a cage of tension. As we are enclosed in our ego shell, our life energy shrinks, our senses and emotions are deadened and we are cut off from our Essence.

During this training, we experience the five bodytypes of defense of Alexander Lowen and their psychic and psychological dimensions. We will acquire contemporary and applicable knowledge about the different types, for ourselves and for working with people therapeutically. In becoming conscious of, experiencing and gaining distance from our defensive patterns, we learn to let go of what does not truly belong to us. In this way we come closer to our natural self.

This part of the Power of Light training is the continuation of POL II, but is also open for those that did not join us for the last part.