The White Latifa | weekend in Wajid and on Zoom


Vedanta Aspioti
vr 27/09 19:00 - zo 29/09 18:00

There are possibilities to stay overnight.


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Individual session


Essence is the very fabric of our Soul. When we experience our Essence we have the sense of wholeness. In contrast, the lack of contact with our Essence gives us a sense that we have lost our way home, that we have lost our paradise. We are born full of Essence and free of any conditioning. As time passes and childhood programming settles into our system, we gradually lose the connection to our Essence. We then live in a paradoxical state of existence: we are Essence and yet we do not know it.

The Lataif are the first manifestations of Essence. They are the texture, the material from which the Soul is made of, our Essential qualities. The word Latifa (singular) in Arabic means subtle, it is the oil in the lamp that keeps the flame burning. These fountains of Essence are located in different parts of our body. They are our innate resources that we come in touch with when we begin to experience ourselves beyond our conditioned mind and ego defenses.

The White Latifa has to do with our Essential Presence. It gives us the capacity to surrender to the flow of life within us. We feel grounded and solid. This gives us self-confidence and as a result we feel relaxed and don’t need to struggle or make unnecessary effort in life. It also gives us endurance, purity of mind, basic grounding and the will to meet challenges with our own authority. When the White Latifa is absent, we feel weak in our guts, we lack the sense of support and we hold onto our fears and anxieties.

In this retreat, we will explore the White Latifa and experience the solidity, groundedness and inner support that this quality brings. The White is a resource for healing the splitting and fragmentation in our sense of self caused by trauma experienced in our childhood. When the White flows back into our system, we move towards becoming one unified Self once again and maintaining the unwavering presence that the reconnection to our Essence brings.