Seekers of truth

"Sannyas-movement is not mine. It is not yours. It was here when I was not here. It will be here when I will not be here. Sannyas-movement simply means: the movement of the seekers of truth. They have always been here."

"There have always been a line of seekers of truth. I call it sannyas. It is eternal. It has nothing to do with me. Millions of people have contributed to it. I have also contributed my own share. It will go on becoming more and more richer. When I am gone there will be more and more people coming and making it richer.

The old sannyas was serious. I have contributed to it a sense of humor. The old sannyas was sad. I have contributed to it singing, dancing, laughing. I have made it more human. The old sannyas was somehow life-negative. I have made it life-affirmative. But it is the same sannyas. It is the same search."

"As long as there is a single human being on the earth, the flowers of sannyas will go on blossoming."

" I want you all to be just yourself ~ not followers of anybody, including me, but only fellow travellers."

"Sannyasins are not part of a sect. This is the meeting of individuals; we have met because we are on the same journey. There is no ideology binding my sannyasins with each other; it is just because of the same inquiry for truth that accidentally we have met on the same road.

We are fellow-travellers. Nothing binds one sannyasin to another sannyasin; there is no bondage of belief, tradition, scripture."  

"We have suffered much because of disciples getting directly related to each other ~ creating religions, sects, cults, and then fighting. They cannot do anything else. At least wih me, remember it: you are not related to each other in any way at all."

"Just a liquid friendliness, not a solid friendship, is enough ~ and far more beautiful, and without any possibility of harming humanity in the future."

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