Massage course in English / 5x


Samir Rawas Sarayji

In this course you will:

  • Learn fifty massage techniques
  • Give a full body massage
  • Recieve a comprehensive manual in English (pdf)
  • Acquire useful tips & tricks
  • Recieve a certificate of participation
  • Massage and being massaged
  • Treat muscle nodes

Massage course for Beginners

The Massage Course for Beginners teaches you how to give a relaxing full body massage. You will learn various classical hands-on massage techniques which help relax the recipient both physically as well as mentally.

The lessons also include a theoretical component in order to substantiate the massage and the techniques used. An important part of the course is the extra attention paid to specific key points and some handy massage tips and tricks.

The course material will be explained in sections, giving you ample time in-between to practice with the assistance of a trainer. This is the most effective way to learn how to massage.

By the end of the course, equipped with these techniques, knowledge, and practice, you will be able to give a varied, full body relaxation massage.

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