Yin Yang Dance Meditation

Milarepa / One Sky Music

This is a 45 minutes, active dance meditation that works with bio-energy polarities in the body, using breath and movement to create a potential for deep relaxation and inner silence.

Fase 1: Hara Breathing

  • Stand in a relaxed position, with your feet shoulderwidth apart, keeping your knees slightly bent.
  • When the music starts, begin rapid deep breathing, in-and-out through the mouth and nose togehther. Let the focus of the breathing be in the hara area of the body (just below the navel). Use your breathing like you would a bellows: fan the fire of life in the belly area.  

Fase 2: Dancing the Negative Principle

  • Express the negative (dark) side of yourself through dance. Allow your energy to take over. Lose control. Look deep inside and bring up and out the emotions from your inner depths. It is fine to make sounds, but remember it is not a catharsis. As much as possible, channel your energy into movements and dance. Let the body be your primary source of expression.

Fase 3: Dancing the Positive Principle

  • Aftre a gap of silence, the music will change. Keep going with your energy. Let it move upwards and throughout the body. Reach for the sky. Channel your movements into ecstasy and the joy of celebration. Dance your light.

Fase 4: Silence

  • Relax on your back and let go into silence.
  • There will be three bells at the end of the meditation.