Osho Meditation Retreat | weekend


Swami Anand Anadi

zo 07/01 19:00


Registration is needed.

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06 42091142 / Meera

You are most welcome to experience Osho meditation techniques.

About the facilitator:

Swami Anand Anadi was born in Osho's home town in his neighbourhood, where he grew up within Osho's vibration. He became sanyassin at the age of 18 in 1981, started working in the Osho commune and created his base in Pune.

Over the years he more and more became a traveller, letting existence guide him to where he is needed, just by following his heart. With the people he meets on his path, he is sharing his love, silence and Osho meditations, enriched by his experiences.

Lately he also invites others to travel by creating each year an Osho Tour: a journey into the life of Osho, full of bliss, meditation and joy - going to places where Osho spent his childhood and early life up to the age of 40, meeting with people who were close to him.

Anadi has visited many rooms of his inner palace and has the talent to help others to discover theirs - whether you are a beginner standing at your porch or having entered different inner rooms already.

Anadi interviewed about the 'Golden Childhood Tour' by Tarangita on You Tube

Watch Love Osho's podcast with Anadi - In this interview Anadi shares with an open heart his love for Osho and his own understanding and life experience as a meditator and seeker of truth.