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Adhira de Grip (sessie ook mogelijk in Nederlands)
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If we picture our True Self as a shining star, then the qualities of our Essence are like its many rays, each ray representing a different quality. These are fundamental human virtues such as love, compassion, courage, wisdom, joy, presence, innocence and others.

When we experience emotional, mental or physical trauma, in childhood or even later, our connection with our essence can be affected and even lost. The loss of our connection to our Essence impacts us somatically and psychologically, creating issues in our body and our psyche. It is for this reason that the perception of Essence and the Essential flow or disconnect, is central when working with people therapeutically. The emergence of a psychological issue indicates that the soul is seeking to regain touch with a lost aspect of herself, and re-establish connection to its Essence.

In this light, the issue becomes an opportunity to reconnect with our Essence. As an Essential psychotherapist, we take this stance of being present and accompanying the Soul of the person in its healing journey, rather than being reduced to becoming problem solvers. This is the foundation of Essential Psychotherapy.

Adhira offers individual sessions based on the methodology of the Essential Psychotherapy, which views the inner process of the person in relation to its Essence. It includes among others inner Child work, Alexander Lowen based body-oriented therapy sessions, Super-Ego work, Gestalt, meditations, and channeling.

In addition Adhira provides Touch of Healing and Awareness energy sessions.