Sannyas Celebration


za 18/01 20:30 - 21:30

Meer info over sannyas op de website van de Vrienden van Osho

Aanmelden voor het 'nemen' van sannyas:

Mail of bel 070 3460023 

“Sannyas simply means they have accepted a way of meditation and a life of joy and rejoicing. It is accepting to create your life into a blissfulness. So sannyas is a totally different thing. Sannyasins will continue. I have dropped all outer symbols of sannyasins. If they want to keep them, it is up to them. From my side I have dropped. They don't need any mala. They don't need red clothes. All that I would like... My advice to them, that if you are a sannyasin, that meditation is the only essential thing that you should carry.”   Osho


"Even if I leave the body I am not going to leave my sannyasins. I will be as much available as I am right now. But the only thing to remember is - are you available to me? I am available to you, and I will remain as available forever. If you are available to me, then a link exists. And with my sannyasins I am individually linked. It is not a question that you belong to an organization, it is not an organization at all. It is a personal relationship, it is a love affair. If you are open to me, even if this body disappears, it is not going to make any difference. I will be available to you."   Osho