Sister Circle Den Haag


Claudia van het Kaar and Nedret Dassana Ozakyol

€ 25

Magic happens every time women come together in a circle. Women of all ages, races and backgrounds come together to create a healthy “woman-honouring culture”. During this circle we will take time to slow down, relax into our bodies and enjoy a state of “beingness”. We can dance, share stories, enjoy each other’s company, laughter, songs and wisdom. The women's circle is a place to honor our women-ness and step out of the busy everyday life. It is also a perfect opportunity for women to ‘digest’ what they have experienced during the day. And a place where they can get support from their sisters.

Wear comfortable clothes. We will sit on the ground on cushions.

The circle will be facilitated in English by Claudia van het Kaar and Nedret Dassana Ozakyol.

Looking forward to creating magic together.