Family constellations full day workshop


Adina Nica

Standard price: € 90 Reduced price: € 70 (see text)


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I invite you to a day of reflection and inner exploration, using the systemic "constellations" method.
You will have the chance to work on an issue from the personal life or work life, either by representing your own constellation or being a representative in another person's constellation (and this always has to do with something related to you). It can be about relationships with the family of origin, couple relationships, somatic issues, relationship with children, it can be a blockage on the professional life or in relation with money.

You might discover something new about yourself, a new perspective, maybe you will be able to look at your past wounds in a more healing and compassionate way, so that space is created for new in your life.
This workshop will be an opportunity to experiment family constellations. It will be an introduction about the method and the principles behind, but most of the time will be spent on actual constellations work.

Our work life is no as separate of our "personal" life as we sometimes believe. Our patterns from our family system are easily brought into our professional life: how we interact with our peers, our superiors, our subordinates, how we take decisions about our own business, how we solve issues, how we react in crisis situations, how we behave in times of change, ho we allow ourselves to have success or not.
I invite you into this sacred space to come with all of yourself, all your inner parts and your past.
I invite you to be curious, open to this inner heart space and what it will bring up for you.
The workshop will take place on a location in Prins Hendrikplein, in the beautiful center of the Hague.

For signing up, please complete the registration form here: As we have limited place, first come will be first served. You will need a confirmation of your registration to join. Also, if you need more details, you can contact me at

About the facilitator:Adina Nica

I am systemic coach and consultant, and I discovered the power of constellations method in 2012 in my own healing process. Since 2015 (8 years) I have been in continuous learning and training. I’ve trained and worked with Jutta ten Herkel (UK), Ion Bucur (Romania) and Jan Jacob Stam (the Netherlands), facilitated one-to-one and group constellations, participated in international conferences and I am part of international intervision groups. Besides, I have trained and apply in my work NLP coaching and Releasing technique.
In addition, I have over 25 years experience in organisational and societal consulting, applying psychological models, neuroscience and constellations in developing business strategy. I managed teams of specialists, I mentored young professionals, I learned about human resource management and leadership in the real life. My added value comes from my genuine interest in human beings and human behaviour. I gained tremendous experience in applied consumer psychology and behavior in the more that 400 research projects in Romania and CEE and over 150 workshops/courses in the last 10 years.
My current approach combines the two wide areas of expertise that I have: business and systemic work and I took it as my mission to develop the applicability of systemic work in personal and professional life, business and society at the next level.
I am 48 years old, a wife and mom of 3 teenage kids, my greatest source of inspiration.
About Family constellations method:
A constellation is a visual representation of what is in the unconscious mind and uses a lot of psychotherapy instruments, as well as the systemic theory.
Because we are part of a larger context, we are born in a certain family, in a certain society, with certain ethnicity, maybe some type of religion/spirituality, in a specific socio-economical context, we are influenced by that context. There are certain values and rules for belonging to the groups we belong to and they shape us and our lives. This is what it means to take into account the systemic perspective when we think about ourselves.
Working in this way brings us clarity and peace, we get to make sense of things that are happening in our lives and take our appropriate place in our system, where love and life can flow with ease.
Constellations typically have an “issue holder” and we work individually with them, in a group setting. The issue holder picks some people from the group to be representatives for relevant parts of his/her issue that connect with the story (family members: parents, ancestors, partner, siblings, or concepts: relationship with money, symptom, personal mission...). The way they position in the space and their reactions, physical sensations will guide us towards seen and unseen bonds and links within the system. The facilitator then supports the client to see loyalties, blockages, entanglements and their subtle causes. The solutions might come by simply acknowledging these entanglements, or the facilitator can show a healthy reposition of the system representatives, or give the client some healing sentences that, once said and internalised, could reestablish order. The facilitator also ensures a safe, confidential and trustful space for the participants.


Standard price: € 90

Reduced price: € 70 if:

- you have participated in one of my other workshops or are my coaching clients in the past 12 months

- if you come together with a friend or family member the fee/person will be € 70

- for students

Tel +31 6 27267552