Programma in Wajid

Alle meditaties, cursussen en workshops zijn geannuleerd tot 1 juni. Zodra de overheidsbeperkingen zijn opgeheven, kijken we ernaar uit je weer in Wajid te verwelkomen.

“Times of disaster make you aware of the reality as it is. It is always fragile; everybody is always in danger. Just, in ordinary times you are fast asleep, so you don't see it: you go on dreaming, imagining beautiful things for the coming days, for the future. But in moments when danger is imminent, then suddenly you become aware that there may be no future, no tomorrow, that this is the only moment you have got.
So times of disaster are very revealing. They don't bring anything new into the world; they simply make you aware of the world as it is – they wake you up.
If you don't understand this, you can go mad.
If you understand this, you can become awakened.”
(From Osho | The Path of the Mystic - discourse 4)

“I am here simply to make you alert and aware. That is to be herenow – with all the insecurity that life is…with all the uncertainty that life is…with all the danger that life is.” | Osho

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