Dis-cover your Self




These bi-weekly evenings are all about you. About who or what you really are; your pure state of being.

A meeting for everyone who walks the path of awareness, each in his or her unique way.

With Osho's Book of Secrets as a guideline, we go through different meditation techniques over and over again to the same place: your true Self.

No detours, but direct experience. You will be surprised how simple it really is to experience yourself as pure peace, pure love, pure consciousness.

Osho on the Book of Secrets: "They are complete as they are - one hundred and twelve techniques. They contain all the possibilities there are to purify the mind, to transcend the mind. Not one can be added to Shiva's one hundred and twelve techniques. And to think that this book, Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, is five thousand years old! These one hundred and twelve meditation techniques are the complete science for the transformation of the mind."


About the program:

Discover which technique from the Book of Secrets works best for you, to experience your Self. You will also explore and discover how to deal with challenges and obstacles on the pathless path. Think about topics like "How do I stay in this state of consciousness because I keep falling out of it?" or “How do I live this in the ordinary world?” Because the latter is, of course, what matters in the end.

Mizza lives and works in Wajid, where he organizes workshops, retreats and festivals. He is inspired by Osho, Sri Nissargadatta Maharaj, Mooji, Rupert Spira and Eckhart Tolle. Besides his work in Wajid, he is co-organizer of the annual Rise•UP summer festival, formerly the OpenUP summer festival.





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