The Minor Lataif Part IV: The Light Blue Essence - Opening to Consciousness


Vedanta Aspioti

The Light Blue Essence is the Latifa that initiates the birth of consciousness in our system. In the presence of the Light Blue, our perception begins to open up and we begin cultivating more awareness. It “illuminates” all the heavy-­duty unconscious material that is stored in the lunar plexus and navel area. As these imprints are stored in our unconscious and we are not aware of their presence and influence on our life, our thinking and actions. Since very early in our life, our system generates a state of disconnection as a buffer against the pain and terror many of us experienced as a result of our interaction with our family environment. These traumatic memories and sensations are relegated and buried in the unconscious. When the Light Blue Essence arises in us, we begin to realize that we have been functioning from our unconscious and we start to comprehend the magnitude of the material hidden in its depths.

In the depths of the unconscious are also aspects of our Essence that we are cut off from, the qualities that we lost touch with as a result of this environment and the programming we were subjected to within it. When the Light Blue Essence emerges in our system, the grip that this earliest and deepest programming has on us begins to relax. The woundedness and the qualities of Essence we lost touch with during these early years of conditioning are related to our inner child. The Light Blue is an instrumental resource in untangling our inner child from its entrapment in the conditioning and brings this material to the light of our conscious perception in order to heal it. The Light Blue Latifa is like the dawn, when darkness recedes and the night sky turns light blue, enveloping all in the light of consciousness.

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