The Minor Lataif Part II: The Saffron Essence | weekend on Zoom (online)


Vedanta Aspioti

Giving from the Heart

There are five major Lataif and several minor ones. Each Latifa is associated with a color and has different aspects to it, which are represented by different shades or combinations of its color. It may help to think of a color spectrum, each shade corresponding to different property of that Essence.

The Saffron Essence brings the qualities of altruism and true generosity. It is located in the area of the chest and specifically in the mobius center. As we mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, the Saffron Essence belongs to the spectrum of the Yellow Latifa, a larger group of Essences which begins with the Gold, and includes the Copper Essence, the Yellow Essence, and the Saffron all the way to the Orange Essence. The Saffron brings a great sense of expansion and happiness to our system. It touches the heart center and restores the flow of love and giving and joy. In its presence, we feel generous and selfless. The Saffron Essence excavates our earliest programming from mother that is buried in the deeper layers of the mobius center. As we mentioned earlier, the mobius is the very first center around which the fetus develops inside the womb and the earliest memories of mother are stored in this place. In this early, pre-­ego state we are completely merged with our mother, a part of her system.