Awareness Intensive


If you are interested to let this process happen in Wajid please contact us.

You can check Facebook for places in Europe.

Or go to OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune/India.


“Truth is not to be found outside. No teacher, no scripture can give it to you. It is inside you and if you wish to attain it, seek your own company. Be with yourself. ”

What is an Awareness Intensive?

In an Awareness intensive a modern communication technique is combined with a Koan " Tell me : Who is in ? " for example. A Koan is an ancient method of the masters to help the disciple to go beyond mind. A riddle that supports you to meet yourself in who you are each moment without limiting yourself in any way.

In an Awareness Intensive you will have different  partners supporting you to express yourself with their silent presence. Having someone silently sitting in front of you – just listening without interfering is a precious gift which we don't have often in daily life.It helps u to deeply connect with yourself – to empty you from unneccesary " baggage " that you carry around with you – emotionally, mentally as well as physically.

Once moved through layers and layers of false identity with our personality we come in contact with our being – the seat of witnessing.

By bringing our awareness into directly experiencing ourselves we are free.

What am I getting out of it?

After the workshop you will be able to use the communication technique on your own in your daily life – it helps you to reflect yourself and to deal with difficult life situations that u might be facing. You will find new ways of being, leaving old structures and patterns behind which are limiting your expansion of consciousness.

  • You will make friends with yourself and others on a deep intimate level
  • Being able to communicate in a clearer and broader way
  • Your senses cleanse and you will feel fresh and newly born
  • You will become an individual – more you , less conditioned
  • You will gain clarity of what is true for you
  • Leaving your false masks behind
  • More Awareness
  • Openness towards life , towards Relating , towards others and yourself
  • Breaking free of limiting thoughts , feelings and emotions
  • Learning to be alone and to enjoy yourself with others as well

Benefits of an Awareness Intensive

Mental level

  • Cleansing your mind for a clearer way of thinking
  • Less confusion
  • Letting go of old ways of thinking that are limiting you
  • Opening up to new perspectives , new ways of thinking
  • Expanding your views that you have on your self and others
  • Cleaning out judgements and limiting beliefs

Emotional level

  • Deep emotional release
  • Whatever emotions might come up they r dealt with instantly
  • U will be supported to  express and expose held back emotions
  • Being able to flow again with Life
  • Selflove and Acceptance will grow
  • It helps to deal with Relationship issues
  • Letting go of Hate , Guilt , Politics , Comparisen , Shame etc.
  • Trauma release
  • Old wound are healing
  • Broken hearts recover for a new Love in Life
  • Letting go of Selfhate and Unworthiness
  • Learning Patience

Physical level

  • Its a Detox and a cleansing for the body
  • The eyes become sharper
  • Your face lifts up
  • Muscles tension releases
  • Joints free up
  • Often people can let go of allopathic pills after the process or at least reduce them
  • The skin refreshes
  • A deep relaxation happens
  • Becoming more vital – more alive
  • Your natural beauty shines after the process

Spiritual level

  • Awareness sharpens
  • Your meditation deepens
  • You can find a new vision in your life
  • Becoming more creative
  • Becoming the witness
  • Directly experiencing yourself
  • Becoming limitless
  • You will learn to look inside , to feel inside
  • You will learn to turn inside towards your closest friend – YOU !

About Ekanta

Born and raised in Germany Ekanta moved to India at the age of 24 – residing close to the Osho International Meditation Resort. Being involved as a visitor for her own private search, inner growth and meditation as well as a carrier in  facilitation - offering individual sessions , groupworkshops and trainings.

The Awareness intensives – Who is in? and Satori have been crystallized for Ekanta over the last 15 years as the essence of all workshops she has offered such as Meditative Therapies, Opening courses into Self-love and the Heart, Reiki Initiation, Chakrawork as well as Pranahealing and Beliefwork.

For private sessions Ekanta is available for Life counselings through the Osho Neo Zen Tarot.

She also comes from a background of Aura soma, Hypnosis & Familyconstellation.