Power of Light | Basic Training 2020 - part 4 / 5 days


Vedanta Aspioti
ma 31/08 09:30

vr. 04/09 18:00


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Individual session

This fourth part of the POL training is open for people that have not joined before. 

Our work is based on creating corrective experiences in order to heal the wounds from childhood in a loving compassionate atmosphere. It also aims at supporting us in order to discover our resources. Specifically this part is aiming at clearing the way in order to connect to our inner voice and Guidance. Being able to tune in to that Source within us, we will live more fully in the Present and connect to the True direction of our Soul, aiming at a future in line with our full potential.

We will have a look at our structure and specifically in the ego-superego constellation. Through experiential work and exercise we will be able to see how the superego – which is basically the internalized toxic voices of our parents – still control us and make us lose control over our inner regulation and our autonomy because of that. Eventually we will gather tools to become aware of and minimize the toxicity of these critical inner voices.

We will experience and discover:

  • How our True inner voice is covered by the toxic critical inner voices
  • The fifth chakra and our beliefs
  • The variety of our beliefs and how they unconsciously affect our lives dramatically
  • The power of affirmation and manifesting
  • The creativity in our everyday life that springs from following our True inner voice

The last day of this retreat will be dedicated to integrating the tools gathered in our exploration during the Power of Light training.