The Pearl in Relationships: Creating Love II - weekend


Vedanta Aspioti
vr 17/05 19:00

zo 19/05 18:00


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Individual session

We invite you to participate in this retreat in which we will explore the Essential vehicle of the Pearl in relationship.

The Pearl is exactly that carrier of Essence which allows us to feel our natural state in the Luminous Field of existence, one with the All, but at the same time a unique being with an autonomous presence. The Pearl connects us to our true autonomy, gives us a feeling of resiliency, easiness, simplicity, completeness, totality, presence in the body and the ability to function dynamically, but not in a defensive way. The Pearl enables us to differentiate from our history and sense ourselves as adults. We can find our true identity and relate to others and Reality in a mature way.

As we explore the Pearl, we face the issues that prevent us from being in the body and from bonding with others in a healthy way. We also inquire into issues such as differentiation, becoming an adult, intimacy with ourselves, naturalness and sensuality in the body.