€ 17,50

Fri 04/05 19:00 to 20:30

Registration needed.




The Gongbath is a powerful way to relax and de-stress the busy mind.

The sounds produced bring a sense of familiarity with stillness and contentment, alter consciousness and create well being for better health.

The gong is a healing tool and works on all aspects of our being.

Physically the vibrations eliminate tension, stimulate and regenerate the glandular and nervous systems.

Emotionally, the sound has a clearing effect, bringing up to the surface old emotional issues and trauma to be released and help to shift old patterns.

Mentally it helps to move the focus from the logical left side into the holistic right side of the brain, where we can connect with our intuitive power.

The gong is a consciousness-raiser, clearing away old energy so that we can move forward.

Good to know:

  • You will lie down for 90 minutes, it is advisable to wear light and comfortable clothes.
  • You can find in the studio thick mats and blankets.
  • Please take care that you arrive with at least 10 minutes earlier.
  • The studio will open from 18:20.
  • Latecomers will not be allowed in.