Warrior of the Dance | Performance & Workshop


Eva Bergerova en Dymphi Peeters

€ 17,50 (for dancers from Saryo´s weekly Five Rhytm classes € 15)

Wed 05/07 19:30 to 21:45

More info:

eva@evaberger.eu or phone 0623883406



Teaser for performance on You Tube.

You will get a part of the Warrior of the Dance performance, dance + voice workshop and relaxation with healing sounds.

EVERYBODY HAS AN ARTIST INSIDE, everybody has a possibility to create. And there we meet. In this unknown space. 

You will experience a SHORT PERFORMANCE first and after that, you are going to dive into the experience of expressing the creativity in your own DANCE and VOICE. 

You will get a new concept for creation and expression of Dance and Singing called Step out of the Story. We use theatrical techniques, consciousness and spontaneous dance and singing. 

Who is a Warrior? Everybody has a Warrior inside! Through the Warrior we are learning to be in the present moment, we express the energy of life, of freedom, courage and authenticity. 

Your guides for the evening:

Voice & music (kora, flute, harmonium): DYMPHI PEETERS

This workshop is inspired by a ritual dance theater performance called “Warrior of the Dance".

Looking forward to dancing for you and with you!