The Copper Love Essence


Vedanta Aspioti
Sat 25/05 09:30 to Sun 26/05 18:00

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Vedanta at or +30 6947954447 or Tarangita at +31(0)647609150.


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The Love for Truth

Essence is the very fabric of our Soul. When we experience our Essence we have the sense of wholeness. In contrast, the lack of contact with our Essence gives us a sense that we have lost our way home, that we have lost our paradise. We are born full of Essence and free of any conditioning. As time passes and childhood programming settles into our system, we gradually lose the connection to our Essence. We then live in a paradoxical state of existence: we are Essence and yet we do not know it.

Essence experienced through the heart radiates through the prism of Love, becoming Essential Love Dimensions, Personal and Impersonal Loves. The Copper Love belongs to the spectrum of the Personal Loves. It is authentic love, the love for truth. In this love we become bravehearts. We are not bound by fear and compromise, but we step up to truth out of the love for truth. We follow the basic honesty of our heart. We become lionhearted and wide-chested, ready to embrace all that is there without preference. The heart becomes strong, free of collapse and free from the lie of the personality. It becomes a conscious heart and we becomes soldiers of love, devoted to Being.