Goddess Dance & Voice Project


Madelief, Eva en Dymphi

€ 25 (excl € 1,16 service- and payment costs)

Deur open om 11.30 uur.

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There is a limited space of 40 people.

Wombfulness will host the empowering movie 'The Goddess Project' in The Hague! And we're not 'just' going to watch this movie, oh no... We will make a Goddess Dance & Voice Project of it!

After we've seen the movie there will be time to enjoy your lunch and share our thoughts about the movie. And then...

Workshop: Warrior of the Dance and Singing!

Come and dive with us in the ocean of conscious creation!

Dance, Martial arts & Theater: Eva Bergerová
Voice & Kora, Live music: Dymphi Peeters

“It is our mission to empower you to express yourself from the inside out in front of loving eyes by means of dance, theater, martial arts and voice improvisation. We believe that spirituality and creativity are connected.”

Goal of the workshop: The opening of the creative energy in everybody by a combination of dance, (martial arts), voice improvisation and theater.

We are inspired by the Warrior. Who is a Warrior? It is not a fighter, but it’s the part inside us, which is always in the present moment. Everybody has a Warrior inside! Through the Warrior we are learning to be conscious, we express the energy of life, of freedom, courage and authenticity. 

If you already gained experience in your life in dancing and singing and martial arts it is great, but no must. We believe everybody has an artist inside! This day is about expressing yourself from the inside out in front of loving eyes. We believe that is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the other.

"When I was 37 I became a professional Dancer and Choreographer. Until this time, in the romantic city of Prague, I was leading a Drama theater company, where I used to direct performances, guide dramaturgy and keep the company going, growing and expanding. There was a time, we had two theater houses and around 50 people working there. Our performances were seen by around 200 000 people.
- I practice Chinese Martial arts for more than 20 years now and teach it for 5 years.
- I directed more than 20 performances. One of them went on for 12 years.
- I am a Dj and a Ceremony leader
- I love to perform Dance and I love to improvise on the stage and in life."
More info: www.evabergerova.eu 

The Dutch Dymphi Peeters is a meditative world music voice artist, who accompanies herself on the African kora. 
Her roots lay in the East European Folk music and she gained experience in flamenco, voice expression, improvised music and also opera. Originally Dymphi studied Educational Science and Technology which she is combining with her ongoing spiritual researches and experiences. But life took her on the path of music, where her heart truly lies. In general Dymphi loves to develop and expand her horizons. Dymphi is the kora player of the Mehmet Polat Trio and she performs relaxation concerts with kora and vocals and gives workshops voice improvisation. With her new band Dragonfly she improvises live music for a community of dancers of Ecstatic Dance Utrecht.
More info: www.dymphipeeters.nl 

LANGUAGE: English but can be translated into Dutch.
The movie has Dutch subtitles.

Your host of today will be Madelief de Graaf of Liefwerk and Pantra.