Essential Loves: Milky and Colostrum Love


Vedanta Aspioti
za 16/03 09:30 - zo 17/03 18:00

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At the Essential level we observe the presence of three types of Essential Loves during infancy. The first type is called Colostrum Love. This Essential Love, which is transmitted to the newborn baby through the colostrum of the mother, is an extremely precious and nourishing kind of love. It is the love that makes us feel worthy and entitled to receive; it is a very sustaining and rich kind of love. Colostrum Love is connected with issues of self-­value, preciousness and entitlement.

The second type of love is called Milky Love. This is a very nourishing kind of love as well and is transmitted to the baby through the milk of the mother and through the totality of her nourishing presence at this time. The Milky Love is connected with issues of nourishment versus starvation and deprivation, the ability to receive and self-­worth.

As the above precious personal loves are primarily connected with our mother, since it is through her that we first come in contact with them, in our unconscious they are associated with her. Very often we notice that our object relations have to do with these Essential Loves and what happened with our mother in relation to them. We have attached these qualities to mom; we have made them conditional on the external object (mom) and the flow of these loves in our system is influenced, or even blocked, by our relationship to our mother and later by other external objects. On the path toward integration, we need to clarify these object relations, to reclaim these qualities as properties of our Soul and allow their flow in our system. We need to rediscover the fountain of these Essential loves within us. 

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