Diamond Logos Teachings

The Diamond Logos Teachings on the Essence of the Soul with Vedanta Aspioti

The Essence of the Soul

Essence is the very fabric of our Soul. When we experience our Essence, we have the sense of wholeness. In contrast, the lack of contact with our Essence gives us a sense that we have lost our way home, that we have lost our paradise. We are born full of Essence and free of any conditioning. As time passes and childhood programming settles into our system, we lose the connection to our Essence. We then live in a paradoxical state of existence: we are Essence and yet we do not know it.

The Diamond Logos teachings are inspired from the Sufi traditions and they include elements of truth from Buddhism, ancient Greek philosophy and other spiritual paths. In this series of 3 retreats, Vedanta Aspioti introduces the Lataif, the first manifestations of Essence.

The Lataif are the texture, the material from which the Soul is made of, our Essential qualities. The word Latifa (singular) in Arabic means the oil that burns in the lamp. These fountains of Essence are located in different parts of our body. They are our innate resources that we come in touch with when we begin to experience ourself beyond our conditioned mind and ego defenses. They are fundamental human virtues such as love, compassion, courage, wisdom, joy, presence, innocence and others. If we picture our True Self as a shining sun, then the Lataif are like its rays, each ray a different quality the sun is emanating. Each Latifa is associated with a color and has different aspects to it.  

It is clear that different traditions have spoken to us of Essence in their own way, as Essence is a living presence in every one of us. The Diamond Logos teachings connect the dimension of Essence to the field of psychology, taking an in-depth look at how our psychological issues and wounds impair the Essential flow in our system. 

In Wajid you can join:

The White Latifa | 29 Sep - 1 October

The Red Latifa | 3 - 5 November

The Black Latifa | 1 - 3 December